Everyone Get’s A Mother

pics for da1 copy

I think I am about two in the picture. That is my Mommy reading while I clown for the camera.



Everyone get’s a mother. By this I mean, everyone had someone who carried them inside their bellies or at the very least contributed an egg, that joined with a sperm to become a person. However, not everyone get’s a Mommy. I was blessed by God, that when egg and sperm joined, he gave me a Mommy.

She tells me all the time that I was wanted from the second she knew I existed. She has even called me her birthday present for that year and her miracle child. You see my mother had a history of cysts and benign tumors in her uterus and had multiple surgeries to remove them. She only had one fourth of an ovary left and had lost other babies to the growth of tumors in the womb. The chances of her conceiving again were not good, but she prayed that God let her have just one healthy baby. And she found out she was pregnant one more time in April of 1967. The doctor also gave her devastating news on that day, there was a tumor and it would more than likely steal the nutrients and push the baby from the womb as the other tumors had.

She was scared, she told her mother, my Grandmommy and her sisters and everyone prayed that this time would be different, that this time she would be able to carry the child to term. When she went in for her sixth month checkup the doctor was amazed that the tumor was gone and the baby was thriving. She and her prayer team, (my family) kept praying and when October came and the her birthday present was suppose to arrive, the miracle child wouldn’t come out. She went into false labor more than once and was in labor for 48 hours, and it took the doctor threatening the baby with forceps before she decided to come out. And this baby didn’t cry at first, she just stared, then the doctor assaulted her by spanking her bottom and the baby became so enraged she turned red and took a swing in the general direction the blow had come from!

The years since that long ago November have had some major mountains in them, but they have had some peaceful valleys too. And through them all I have had my Mommy. Of course when I was a preteen, she was ancient and knew absolutely nothing, because I knew everything. And when I became a teenager I could not wait to grow up, so I could be free of her tyranny. Now, I am a grown woman and I cannot imagine one second of this life without my Mommy. She is my best friend, my confidant, my cheerleader, my kick-in-the-pants, and my shoulder to cry on.

So, on this Mother’s Day, I thank her for not giving up on having a baby and for never giving up on me. I thank God, for selecting me to be her child. For I am well and truly blessed, I got a Mommy extraordinaire!

I love you, Mommy! I will always love you! I will always need you! I will always think you are beautiful and sweet and kind and good and loving and have the biggest heart on the planet! And I will always thank God for you! Happy Mother’s Day!



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