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Believing in God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit vs. Being A “Christian”



For a moment imagine you just walked out of the deepest Amazon, and you were learning about all things concerning man in the “civilized” world. One day someone mentions God and tells you the story of The Cross, they give you a bible and send you home to read it. You read it and you are ready to find a body of humans who follow the God talked about in the book. A god of abiding love and unending forgiveness. A god who gave his only son so someone like you could have an eternal life after this one. A smile crosses your face as you think about how kind, accepting and loving these people will be. You think of how you will be welcomed there and you think of how peaceful being with them must be.

You ask someone at the place with the great drink that gives you energy where you stop every morning before you begin your travels how to find these, “Christians”, the person smirks and says they are having a rally right around the corner. You are breathless with your excitement to reach these people of love, understanding and compassion. Then you round the corner and see a scene like the one in the picture. You stop cold. You are puzzled. These cannot be “Christians”, they are not loving or kind. There is no peace among them. They are shouting hatred into the morning air.

You return home confused. You reread the Bible. And you decide that if being a “Christian” means that you must become full of hate and cruelty. That you must sit in judgement on other people who are living their lives with harm to none, then you do not want anything to do with “Christianity”. You will stick with worshipping the jaguar, who you can at least understand and does just as a jaguar should.

Yes, the example is a bit out there, but the point is clear. “Christians” spend a lot of time these days talking about how they are discriminated against and how hard it is to get people to listen when you try to spread the gospel. The simple fact is, for a lot of “Christians”, their religion has nothing to do with Christ and everything to do with an exclusive clubs for those who are just like them. They go to a clubhouse once a week, maybe twice a week and practice ancient rituals that have no meaning anymore, but must be done, and then they leave the clubhouse and go out and behave atrociously toward others, judge those who are different than they are, participate in gatherings were the main purpose is to show your hatred of a certain group of people.

These “Christians” spend very little time trying to actively show others the love of Christ or teach them about Christ. They easily toss aside the final and only Commandment given by Jesus before he left us with The Holy Spirit, ‘To Love One Another.” They spend time judging their fellow man, harassing their fellow man and being everything that Jesus despised when he turned over the tables in the temple because it had become the dwelling place of greed and avarice and had nothing to do with serving his Father.

The “Christians” that you might see get on television and brag about the money they have made off of others who give to them in hopes God will hear their prayers. Or they spend an entire program talking about how anyone who is not just like them, believes like them, dresses like them, thinks like them is going to Hell, they seldom open their bibles and preach from them, they preach about how if you are “Christian” it is your duty to despise those who choose to live differently. They do not even mention, telling those who are different, who do not know Christ, about God’s love or ministering to those in need.

If I were a young person, deciding which path I would follow and I knew I were gay, “Christianity” would be the last place I would decide to go. Because in the views of the “Christian” I am damned, so I must hide who I am and live in shame. If I simply say I don’t believe in a god, then I am no longer something vile. If I say I believe in many gods then at least one of them might love me and the others who follow that path, accept me and are compassionate, loving, kind. They believe in letting people live their lives as long as they harm no one.

The people in the picture are carrying signs that say “God Hates.” The Bible says, “God is love.” How can someone who is love, hate anyone? God does not hate, man hates. And unfortunately from the viewpoint of everyone who we are supposed to be helping to come to Christ, “Christianity” as it is done by so many today has become synonymous with hate.

So, the next time you decide to have a power trip, judge someone, speak in hatred, cheat, steal, lie or deprive someone of the basic needs of survival; stop and ask yourself are you being a believer in Christ or are you being a “Christian”?