Jesus Came By Here




There were times when I was sick that my prayer was just to sleep for two hours straight, sitting up. Last night, I slept laying down for the first time in a month and I slept soundly for 10 hours. When I woke up I was sore. Then I realized that I exercised yesterday for the first time in months. I was feeling lonely and forgotten because it is so far into the day and no one has called me.

Then I read a couple of blog posts made by friends and I realized how truly blessed I am. One was about a young mother who is about to lose her husband and be left to raise her daughter alone in today’s world. The other was about a friend going to church in a not great mood and turning around and seeing a couple who had a child of about 8 who was in a stroller and severely handicapped.

And when the chill bumps settled, I realized that Jesus came by here this morning. He woke me up, when so many did not wake or about to sleep forever. I was achy, but He blessed me with the ability to walk and talk and think and sing and breath and love and just live, when so many do not and never will have the ability or the chance to have even one of those many blessings. The first sight I had this morning was my beautiful baby, who Jesus not only gave to me in the first place, but woke this morning in good health. And He gave me a family and friends to reach out to when I am lonely, when so many woke this morning utterly alone.

Jesus came by here and filled my heart with song and my mind with words to put onto paper. He made sure that there is food in the refrigerator for me to eat. There are a million things I can look around my apartment and say to myself, ‘Jesus came by here this morning.’ The thought humbles me. The thought chastises me for all my complaining when I have so very much. And the thought that the Son of the Morning, The Bright Morning Star, The Lamb, stopped by here today and gave me another day of life, gives me chill bumps and makes my breath hitch.

I am going to do my best for the rest of today every time I go to complain to say out loud, ‘Jesus Came By Here, be thankful.’ And maybe it will become the habit, instead of complaining or getting stuck in Lodebar, as Joyce Meyer says.

If you are a believer or even if your not, maybe this is the time to reconsider, the son of the True And Living God, took the time to come to you and wake you this morning. He saw to it that you were in your right mind. He made sure you had food to eat and shelter over your head and life. Take a moment and say out loud, ‘Jesus Came By Here’ the words have power and they heal all the slings and arrows of the day. Jesus Came By Here. Jesus Came By Here.

Originally Written  7/6/14


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