Poetry To The Lamb


As a writer you tend to write about things that reside in your mind, your heart, your spirit. The thought might be triggered by something you saw or heard in the external world around you, but what you actually write comes from someplace deep inside you.

I love Jesus. I know that without Him, I am lost and that I can never under my own power get to Heaven. I will not claim that my love for Him has always been as it is now. I know that it is not as it will be if I am granted one more day, for it grows each and every second of the day.  He, like the song says, “He has brought me from a mighty long way…”  I was a pagan at one point in my life, because of things that happened to me when I was younger. Things I associated with the Church and things I was so very angry at Jesus for allowing to happen. I have spent more of my life fighting against my feelings for Jesus, than embracing them and hoping they will help me through the pain of the past.

Now, I find myself in a place where the past is finally in the past. I see things as they have always been. Jesus loves me and he kept me. He gave His life for me. He gave His life for me knowing that I would turn my back on Him, go out of my way not to love Him back and all the horrible things that this sinner named Xenia would do. Yet He hung on a cross and suffered unimaginable torment so that I might someday know everlasting life, peace, and security.

Having that much love to give anyone is almost unfathomable. I say almost unfathomable because though I know I can never love Him the way He loves me. I do love Him so much that it can steal my breath.

My greatest joy comes from using the gift of arranging words on paper so that others can gain something from them. I thank His Father for it daily. So, how can I not put some of these words that are in my heart and soul for Him in print and pray that someone who needs a word receives something from them?

May you find something in these poems and prose that helps you in some way. And if you do not know Jesus, I pray that something He gives me to say to you, helps you find your way to Him. God Bless you.


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