This Sinner’s Soul


This sinner was deep in darkness when

it occurred to her that she was lost.

Her hate, her anger, her sadness

had made her lose her way.

In deep despair she looked around her

and found that her flight from Grace

Had brought her into the Heart of Night.

And those born to this desolate place

told this sinner that this was her home.

She had no place out in the light.

She cried and rocked and wished for warmth

then bowed her head and accepted her fate.

This sinner worked hard to belong.

She spread pain, showed no mercy and took glee in her wrath.

Then when all that was good inside was almost gone.

She saw something twinkling, a spark, a glow.

The twinkle grew and grew until it became sunrise in night.

This sinner turned her head in fright.

And as she peeped from between her dirty fingers.

A hand extended from this glow

A voice called her by name and said,

“Come my sister, it is your right, to live, to love, to grow.

Your place was purchased with the Blood of the Lamb.

And I come at His request, to set you free.”

With a trembling hand,

She reached toward that light.

Those around her howled in rage.

They had almost had her, she had almost given in.

She had helped forge the bars

That would form her cage.

They would not lose now

When she was so close to allowing where she had been

To steal any trace of light within.

Hands grabbed her ankles as she shakily stood

They tightened their hold as she stepped forward.

Tears stained her face as she realized.

No matter her sins

her hatred, her crimes, she would be welcomed with open arms.

This sinner took a deep breath and took that hand.

 And with that she stepped from the darkness and into the light.

 This sinner dropped to her knees and right there and then

Asked for The Lamb’s forgiveness and His

unconditional love.

The voice said, “You are already forgiven, you were never


You can stray from the path but The Lamb never loses sight of you.

He loved you enough that before you were born,

His body was beaten, His flesh was torn.

So, if you called upon His name.

You would never know a death that lasts.

So, come my sister, live in the light.

Those who were born in darkness have lied to you.

You have done nothing to condemn you to the dark.”

She  bowed her head and said out loud,

“Come into my heart,  Jesus.  Live in me now!

Comfort me,  teach me, and show me your path.

I promise you now, that though I may stray,

I will do my best to live for you for the rest of my days .”

Peace surrounded her and she shed tears of joy.

And the light that had led her out of the dark.

It took up residence in her heart.

So try they might, try they do.

Those born to the dark

may tempt and attack .

But this sinner will never forget the price that was paid

or who had to die.

For a sinner’s soul to thrive in the light.


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